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Joal Caravans Caravan FAQs

What price do your caravans start from?
A typical static caravan for self build or staff accommodation starts at £2500 and includes caravan transport within a 100 mile radius

What price do your double glazed caravans start from?
A typical double glazed and centrally heated caravan starts from around £14,000.
New mobile homes built to these specifications are available from £20,000.

Do you rent your caravans?
Unfortunately we do not rent caravans, but we can offer a competitive guaranteed buy back figure within a minimum of term of 6 months.

Where can I buy one of your caravans on a park?

  1. You will need to find an area that you would like a holiday home in.
  2. You will then need to decide what level of facilities and amenities your ideal park will have.
  3. Once you have found your park it is then a question of asking the management whether or not they will allow you to bring a caravan on to their site. In most circumstances the answer will be no as most companies wish to maximise their profit by selling you one of their own caravans. In some instances parks will allow you to bring on your own caravan, a charge will normally apply in the region of £1000 - £4000 + a year's site fee.
  4. In the case of new caravans we supply Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Kent with Cosalt and Delta caravans. Any park without a direct account in these areas will buy these products through Joal Caravans. The price of these caravans however is dictated by the park in question.
  5. We will be happy to advise you of parks we recommend in the areas we cover taking into account your needs.

How much does it cost to transport your caravans?
In many instances when buying from Joal Caravans the cost of transportation is free with a caravan you have purchased. Caravans outside of our 100 mile free delivery service will be charged at cost rates thereby keeping the overall price of our services down for our customers.

Where are your caravans?
Our caravans are purchased all over the UKand a lot of our customers are happy to buy from pictures; however, understanding not everyone is comfortable with this idea, we have a showground in Witham, Essex with a large selection of homes to suit every budget.

Can I shop for caravans on your website?
We have found that this an increasingly popular way of buying your ideal caravan from Joal Caravans. Stock changes so frequently that it is sometimes difficult to maintain a totally up to date list of available units on our site. As a rule, however, if you see something you like on the site and it has gone, we will be able to e-mail you pictures of similar caravans within the day.

Do you offer to buy back your caravans?
Normally throughout the year we are in a position to offer a buy back facility to our customers. The figure would be a percentage of the full sale price agreed at the point of purchase. The minimum term is 6 months and the figure will depend on what sort of home you choose.

I wish to purchase a caravan to live in whilst my new home is being built - do you have a facility for siting the caravan and connecting it to main services?
Most customers prefer Joal Caravans to supply and deliver the caravan only. When the customer is unable to organise siting and connection of their mobile home due to time or other constraints we are happy to offer our services. Joal Caravans charges £750 for the levelling and positioning of a mobile home. This price includes the supply of additional jack supports and other ancillary siting materials. Joal Caravans recommends that water, sewage, electricity and calor gas are then fitted by a local professional. In the instances where contractors are involved we find that they often undertake the organisation of this procedure.

Do static caravans use standard electrical currents?

How is the water heated?
In most instances water is heated by an instantaneous calor gas water heater.

Can caravans use domestic gas?
In nearly all circumstances caravans are fitted with calor gas appliances making them unsuitable for domestic gas use.

Can I live in my non-double glazed non-centrally heated caravan in the winter?
Yes you can, and to achieve comfortable levels of heating it will just mean that you have to use a little more electricity using free standing radiators and maybe an electric blanket or two. Speaking from personal experience I have seen out many nights in comfort whilst the British weather was doing its worst.

Do you have an after sale guarantee?
Joal Caravans is pleased to be able to offer an after sales guarantee. Once a caravan has been delivered and an unreasonable fault discovered outside of the regions of normal wear and tear we will be happy to put this matter right. For the purposes of this after sales service we require that any fault is reported to us within 48hrs. All used homes come with a 3 month warrantee covering anything beyond normal wear and tear. All new homes should come with a 12 month manufacturer's warrantee.

Is access an issue for delivering a caravan?
Yes, the following must be considered: turning circle into drive, low tree overhangs, low telephone cables, narrow entrance points. These issues can be generally overcome with a little thought, planning and sometimes a crane. If a crane is involved expect to pay £600 - £1000. Alternatively we can arrange a site visit carried out by one of our professional engineers to assess the site. Joal Caravans charges 250 for this service.

Do the caravans come with a gas test certificate?
No, the reason is that once a caravan is transported any gas certificates they had are invalidated.

Do I need to gas test my caravan?
Absolutely, most corgi registered gas fitters will charge approximately £30 - £50 for this service.
If you do have any further questions or would like to discuss our products in further detail please don't hesitate to contact us.
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