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Self Build

Many people have discovered the benefits of self-build or project management of a new home. Building your own home provides many advantages including considerable savings and the opportunity to get exactly what you want in a home. As featured on TV programmes such as ´Grand Designs´ living in a static caravan on site during a self-build can have many attractions. Many people find renting a house to be a very expensive option, with the possibility of facing homelessness due to rental contracts ending when the build programme overruns.

Disadvantages of renting a property
  • You have no "asset value" in a rented property. Those that own the house can sell the property or choose not to extend a let leaving your family potentially homeless if a build project overruns. The renter never gets any return on their money. A mobile home will retain will retain some of its innate value
  • Over time, you pay more in rent than your own mobile home
  • Landlords can often be slow to make or pay necessary repairs
  • You may find yourself stuck in a rental contract. Onceyou are ready to move into your new house, you may find yourself having to pay rent for a property you no longer live in.
Static caravans provide self-builders with practical benefits as well as financial
  • Living on site proves a motivational force for the builders as progress on the self-build in constantly monitored
  • It is excellent for site security
  • A mobile home on site ensures a presence for those instant decisions that are often required
  • No time is lost travelling to and from the site, so you can work all the hours you need without the additional stress of travelling
  • Being so close to the site will ensure that as it progresses you will have a greater involvement in the project, so you will be much more informed and be aware of all events, saving time and money
  • Deliveries may arrive unexpectedly; being on site means you will be there to take receipt of them when they may otherwise have gone back or missing!
  • You don’t even have to be building a new house from scratch to appreciate the benefits of a mobile home on sire, as renovation work is far more pleasant if you don’t have to live in a building site every day. The chance to retire to a haven of peace and quiet every evening, complete with all mod cons, can be a particularly attractive option.
Advantages of Mobile homes
  • Asset value: when you are finished with your mobile home, you can sell it for profit
  • No costly rent agreements or fixed-term contracts
  • No risk of eviction
  • You can choose your mobile home décor to suit your own tastes
  • In mobile homes, space is designed with optimal convenience in mind
  • Mobile homes are available with all the home comforts: excellent insulation, double glazing, robust construction, gas central heating… in short, superb comfort
  • When building your own home, a mobile home is the perfect answer for interim housing – not only are mobile homes an affordable asset that can be sold for profit after moving into your new home, but living on site allows you to supervise construction and receive deliveries.
We can help you with not only the choice of your ideal static caravan, but our experienced caravan transport staff can also advise on delivery, sting and mains connections required at the chosen location.
Prices for static caravans to suit any self-build requirement range from £1,500 to £8,000. If you’d prefer more home comforts such as double glazing and central heating, you’d expect to pay from £6,000 to £20,000+.
Planning rules for mobile home use on a self-build plot depend on where you live in the country. In many cases you will find you don’t need any permission to site a mobile home during a self-build. However, it is always wise to check with your local planning officer at the council first. For more information on planning and mobile homes, click here (link through to planning home page)

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